Dear Client,

Worldwide Couriers has been registered and approved as a transporter of essential products during the lockdown period.

As per information received and understood:

All passenger travel, domestic and international will be prohibited. This will no doubt have a severe impact on both international and domestic routing options available to us

We will however courier shipments where possible and utilize all options available, including special drive away methods if the request and need arises.

Only essential products may be transported. ALL essential suppliers have to register their business to obtain a certificate to trade during lockdown via This includes you and your customers who courier essential products.
Importantly this is for the transporting of ESSENTIAL supplies ONLY, NO OTHER products may be sent. All freight would need to be declared clearly and accordingly on the waybill. During this period we will be checking contents to confirm that the shipment indeed contains essential products.



Food products, incl nonalcoholic beverages, animal food, chemicals, food packaging, ancillary products.


Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, soap, alcohol for industrial use, household cleaning products, personal protective equipment, chemicals, packaging and ancillary products.


Medical and hospital supplies, equipment, chemicals, packaging, ancillary products.
Our intention is to continue offering a service to the best of our capability and resources available to us during this time. All services will therefore be subject to haulers not shutting down as well as sufficient essential products to justify loads. This might have an impact on published rate, transit times and expectations during the lockdown period. Quotes will be provided prior to shipping for approval. Above all the safety of our staff and our customers remains our main priority. To limit exposure, the majority of our staff will be operating remotely during the lockdown period. We will ensure that the staff who are operating onsite are protected by following strict hygiene protocols.

Please stay safe during this period. We pray that we will all survive this economic storm and our thoughts are with you during this period.

Kind Regards

Worldwide Courier Brokers

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the official South African Government portal: