Courier Scams!!!!

Unfortunately this has now become a reality in our industry as well and these fraudsters make an unsolicited call purporting to be from a courier or delivery company. They claim that additional charges are payable on the items before they will be released for delivery.

This is not just one individual trying to Solicit money from you, these scammers form part of an integrated network involving teams across the world. Always bevigilant and never let your guard down. Keep the following  in mind when you are approached:

  1. SCAMS EXIST and you always need to be alert to this fact.
  2. Communicating with a person online does not necessarily mean that you know them, take the time and do some research.
  3. Beware of any requests for your personal details or monies to be paid. DO NOT transfer money without genuine paperwork and communication.
  4. Fraudsters will often try and take advantage when you’re in a vulnerable and desperate state, they will try to extract more money from you at any time.
  5. Extra caution needs to be exercised when Bullion, Currency and Jewellery are being shipped – these shipments do raise RED flags – as they are forbidden – so be cautious!
  6. Make sure you are dealing with someone who is able to provide documentation with relevant and accurate information pertaining to your shipment and or the information being communicated.
  7. Should you be dealing with a Company, then take the time and do the research to ensure that the company is in existence, certified and active prior to any funds transfer.
  8. When receiving goods from anywhere in SA or any other Government rules and regulations will always be applicable. Familiarise yourself with these rules, regulations and documentation to ensure that you are not caught by any fraudster.

Always keep in mind:

“if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is not true … rather be safe than sorry at all times