International Courier Services

Worldwide Couriers offer a World class delivery solution that is tailored to your specific logistical needs. With our range of services, we are sure to offer the flexibility your business needs. We provide a FAST and EFFICIENT courier service Domestically and Worldwide, while maintaining that personal touch. Worldwide couriers is the answer you are looking for.

International Courier – Documents

This courier service carries business-related documents which have no saleable or commercial value. Documents are defined as unbound printed paper, i.e. banking and shipping documents, reports, plans, tenders, quotations and general business correspondence.

International Courier – Non Documents

This courier service is available for dutiable or commercial value commodities that do not qualify as documents. This includes samples, spares, magnetic tapes and other non-document commodities. An additional transit time of 1-2 days may apply due to customs clearance procedures at destination.

International Airfreight

This service allows you an economical way of moving your goods at reduced prices provided that they are not time sensitive. Please note that the transit time for this service are in excess of 7 working days. This is also dependent on Flight availability and customs delays.


With our extensive network in place, all corners of the World are explored, collections are possible from the majority of international destinations. Please enquire with our knowledgeable CSD department for further details and tariffs.


For all your International mailing requirements please contact your local Worldwide Couriers office.

Definition of Documents and Non-Documents (Parcels)

Documents are defined as unbound printed-paper, i.e. letters, reports, memos, proposals or similar paper based articles. There are no customs requirements for shipments containing documents only. Non-documents are defined as anything other than documents, e.g. documents with photographs, x-rays, books, advertising material, samples, videos, spares etc. All non-document shipments intended for resale, Promotion or sampling must be accompanied by three copies of an original commercial / Tax / Pro forma invoice.