How to prepare your parcel for shipping

Inadequate Packing puts your valuable shipment, Other Goods and the Worldwide Courier team members at risk. All Goods must conform to our safe-packing guidelines. To ensure your shipments are delivered in good order and condition. Our couriers have the right to refuse any package not packed to our specific and safe requirements.



Boxes cannot be Torn, Crushed or otherwise weakened in any form or manner – see example below of unsuitable packaging.


A sturdy box with Perfect corners, Lid flaps, firm and strong sides are acceptable and will enable safe shipping of all your goods



NB: Over 35kg – Boxes / Parcels heavier than 35 kg must be repacked as per the above in two separate boxes

Unsuitable packaging, as can be seen in the examples below, will not withstand a lengthy journey. No heavy items should be placed in weak or punctured boxes. Boxes must be strong, stable and of good quality and size to ensure safe delivery to any destination.


NB: It is extremely important that all items are packed adequately to withstand the many hands, conveyors and trucks en route to their destination; so it is imperative that the packaging is strong enough from the onset. This will assist us in delivering your goods in a satisfactory condition.